David "Bomber" Pearce

The Welsh Rocky website is built around the story of the late professional boxer David “Bomber” Pearce.

David “Bomber” Pearce was voted in the Ring Magazine’s Top Ten most unluckiest fighters ever to never win a World Title – Due to the BBBoC reluctance to accept the Cruiserweight weight division in the United Kingdom.

David “Bomber” Pearce signed contracts to fight for the WBA Cruiserweight Title in 1984 and was forced to retire on medical grounds 3 weeks later.

The David “Bomber” Pearce Legacy – 1182541, operate with unpaid volunteers, who fundraise for charitable good causes within the local community.

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  6. The David “Bomber” Pearce Statue.

Celebrating some of Newports finest boxers from the Past & Present.

BBBoC Professional Boxing Trainer’s and Seconds. Luke Pearce & Johan Berendjy – Team SMoA, Newport.

Professional Boxer – Craig “Smiler” Woodruff – Team SMoA, Newport.

Amateur BJJ – Finn “River” Pearce.

Amateur BJJ – Holly Ennis.

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Please support the David “Bomber” Pearce Legacy charity – 1182541 and help us continue the advancement of amateur sport within the City and the support to charitable causes across Wales:

  • Funding for sporting activities that promote healthy recreation for young people.
  • Providing specialist equipment for disabled children.
  • Providing relief for those in need in the locality.

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