Sean Palfrey - BDO World Darts Championships - Quarter Final, 1998

#WelshRocky – Sporting achievements.

Sean Palfrey was a regular in the British Darts Organisation (BDO), where his best result was reaching the quarter-finals in 1998. That memorable run included wins against Peter Hinkley 3-1, Lakeside’s favourite son Bobby George 3-2, before losing to Roland Scholten 4-5. If he had won the quarter-final he would have set up an all welsh semi-final with Ritchie Burnett.

He also played for the Welsh men’s team in the WDF World Cup darts competition in 1997. He made a total of 32 international appearances for Wales.

BDO World Championship – stats:

1991 – 1st round (lost to Bob Anderson 1-3).

1994 – 1st round (lost to Roland Scholten 0-3).

1995 – 2nd round (lost to Paul Hogan 0-3).

1997 – 1st round (lost to Raymond van Barneveld 0-3).

1998 – quarter finals (lost to Roland Scholten 4-5).

1999 – 1st round (lost to Raymond van Barneveld 0-3).

2000 – 1st round (lost to Steve Duke 2-3).

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